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How many learning stories?

How many learning stories?

Often as Educators we are asked how many learning stories are you doing? Is there a certain amount of learning stories per month that need to be completed? Is one learning story per month enough? These questions are often seen on social media and heard in staff rooms across the nation. Where do we find the answer to these questions?

I would firstly suggest that we look to the Belonging, Being & Becoming. Here we find that we should be using a variety of strategies to collect information, document the information and assess the children's learning. This information can be quite daunting to the educator that has little experience in observing children. So what does this really mean to me? I believe it means Educator's should be gathering information regarding the  individual child's development and identifying strengths, skills, needs and interests in a variety of methods. These methods may or may not include learning stories.

Learning stories are certainly a valuable tool for observing children, but by no means are they the only tool we should be employing. Some educators write amazing learning stories, but struggle with running records, others struggle with learning stories and have an amazing ability to nail running records. Just like children we are all individuals.

There is a saying that points us in the right direction, that saying is "quality rather than quantity" if an Educator produces one observation in any form that clearly documents the child's individual development over a period of time, surely that is much more benefical that the educator that collects dozens of documents that shows very little in regards to the child's strenghts, skills, needs and interests

When observing children try not to get caught up with the number of observations. Rather think about the quality and what the observation is telling you about the individual children. 

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