Microsoft Teams

In light of current events, EIM Training has recognised the need to adapt our ways of teaching our students in order to ensure that training is being provided to everyone, regardless of where they are. As such, EIM Training is proud to announce that we have set up a system in Microsoft Teams to teach students remotely. This fact sheet will act as a guide to help you sign in and get ready to attend your virtual class.

What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an online communication program, designed to bring large groups of people together to communicate and collaborate with one another via live chats and calls known as ‘meetings’. EIM Training intends to use this system as a virtual classroom.

Signing In to Teams

Follow the steps below to sign yourself in to teams:

  1. Go to and click ‘Sign In’ on the main page.

tms stp1

  1. Enter in your student email and password.
    • (These details will be emailed to you personally)

tms stp2

  1. Once signed in, you’ll see a list of apps at your disposal. Click on Teams to launch it.

tms stp3

  1. Select the ‘Teams’ tab on the left menu, and then click on your class team.

tms stp4

  1. Look for scheduled meetings in the chat and take note of when they take place. These are your classes.

tms stp5

  1. Once a class has started, click ‘Join’ to join it!

tms stp6