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A fair dinkum wager you’d be hard pressed to lose

A fair dinkum wager you’d be hard pressed to lose


Do you and your mates like to take bets for fun?

What about asking them to guess what the mass (in kg) of air is pressing down on a single square metre (1m X 1m) of ground at sea level?

Most folk tend to guess anything from 1 kg to 100 kg.

Would you believe it is 10 380 kg? Yes, 10 tons.

It is very easy to calculate.

Atmospheric pressure expressed in the imperial PSI unit is a bit of a dead give away too.

You can also get confirmation by reading up on “atmospheric pressure” in Wikipedia.

To calculate you need only two simple formulas and one constant.

F=mg and P=F/A and Patm=101 325 Paa.

101.325 kPaa is the average absolute air pressure at sea level and at standard temperature.

Who said instro cannot be a stimulating, fun, interesting and well paid career?

If you need a hand with these calculations just yell out in class and I’d be delighted to help.

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