“I had a very competent teacher who was good at giving advice in every way. I was able to successfully finish my placement with their assistance. The practices I learned at school helped me a lot when I actually worked in the field.”

Jay (Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control)

"Studying with EIM International Training is an experience unlike any other. EIM provide a high standard of resources and learning environments which inspired me to push through my studies and succeed."

Himani (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care)

 "The Instrumentation and Control course with EIM is straightforward and easy to understand.  The classroom is great for learning as we have access to the equipment we need.  My trainer was not only an instructor, but like family and a friend, they are well organised and have great industry knowledge and skills.  The information I learnt through my course has made my work placement easier and safer."

Jonald (Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control)

 "EIM staff are extremely friendly. They put you first and try to help anyway they can. They are easy to approach and have a very good understanding of the industry. My trainers provided the best experience in the classroom! They all have a wide range of experience which allowed them to explain the work in greater detail and provide real-life examples, which helped give me a better understanding. All of my trainers took interest in who each student is and what they can achieve. It pushes us to do our best!"

Fabio (Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control)

 "My trainer was very knowledgeable and proactive with a great understanding and teachng techniques. They were able to assist with further questioning and challenged us as a group to answer questions. They gave the impression that they cared about whether we had actually learned the subject and questione us continuously throughout."

Grant (Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control)

 "From the get-go, I could see that my trainer had a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subjects they were presenting, and they brought a great deal of real world, practical outlook to the classes."

Gary (Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation)

 "I felt very confident and supported by my teachers and I'm very happy that I chose EIM to do my studies at. My teachers gave me all the knowledge and support I could ask for, they are the best teachers I've ever had."

Sabrina (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care)

 "Studying at EIM is one of the best experiences I've had since I started living here in Australia. It opened my mind about the different cultures we have all around the world. It molded me to be a better childcare educator and trained me well in all aspects to work effectively for the best interests of all children. My trainer is one of a kind; not only did they teach us about the fundamental skills but she shared a lot of real experiences which are all relevant to our field and must be taken note of. They were smart and very accomodating. Thank you so much EIM Training, it was awesome studying with you!"

Wanda (Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care)

 "The whole training and leading of the class was absolutely great. Our assessor always went through the presentation, gave us a proper explanations, and the best part is that they gave us some tips and tricks from their own experience. It's great that our assessor has already been in a Group Leader role, so they could give us closer information. Our assessor was always happy to help in person or online. I also liked the small number of students in the class which gave us more one-to-one interaction. Thank you EIM Training!"

Adriana (Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care)

 "I enjoyed my entire course very much. The best part of my course was when my teacher taught us, they did some activities in the class so that they didn't get boring. These activities were so much fun, and we learnt so many new things while we were doing our course. I also got the chance to work in a childcare centre where I interacted with children and staff and it was a wonderful experience."

Husanpreet (Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care)

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