To work or volunteer in regulated child-related employment or operate a regulated child-related business in Queensland, you will need a blue card or exemption card.

What is a blue card?

A blue card is a process that is undertaken by anyone who wishes to work with children. It is similar to a police check but has additional screening standards to ensure child safety.

Thus, a blue card is required for our students who enrol in Early Childhood Education and Care courses, as vocational placement is included as a component of the qualification.

How to apply for a blue card

Check your eligibility

To help ensure the safety of children and young people in Queensland, the blue card system stops certain people from holding or applying for a blue card.
Who cannot apply for or hold a blue card:

  • Disqualifying offences – To help keep Queensland children safe, some people are disqualified from applying for or holding a blue card.
  • Serious offences – If you are charged with a serious offence, your blue card application will immediately be withdrawn.

Prove your identity

You will need a Customer Reference Number (CRN) from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) before you apply for your blue or exemption card to prove your identity. You can find your CRN on any TMR product.
The photo from your TMR product will be for your blue card. If your photo with TMR was taken more than 6 years and 9 months ago, you will need to have a new photo taken at a TMR customer service centre.

If you don’t have a CRN, or your photo has expired, you will need to visit a TMR customer service centre to get one. If you are unable to visit TMR or live interstate you can still apply for a CRN from them.
There is no fee to get a CRN or have your photo updated.

Getting a CRN

Take your acceptable identity documents to a TMR customer service centre to prove your identity
ask the TMR staff to take your photo.

When you have done this, you will need to wait for the CRN confirmation letter/email. When the confirmation arrives, keep it in a safe place as you will need the CRN to register for an online account to apply for your blue card.
More details about acceptable identity documents:


To apply for a blue or exemption card, follow these 3 steps.

  1. Have your CRN nearby to reference.
  2. Register for an online account. This is how we verify your identity and get the photo for your card.
  3. Apply for your blue or exemption card using the online applicant portal or download the paper form.

Click here:

How long does a blue card last?

A blue card is generally valid for three years. This duration applies from the date of issue unless it is cancelled earlier due to certain circumstances like changes in criminal history.

It’s crucial to note that Blue Card Services in Queensland sends a renewal reminder to cardholders approximately 10 weeks before their blue card is due to expire, as the renewal process must be completed before the current card expires to ensure continuous validity.

However, the expiry date is not the only factor that could impact the duration of your blue card’s validity. If you cease to carry out the regulated activities (like working in a childcare role) for more than eight continuous weeks, Blue Card Services must be notified, and your blue card may no longer be valid.

While a blue card typically lasts for three years, it’s crucial to stay informed about the terms and conditions associated with its validity to ensure you’re always in compliance with Queensland’s child safety laws. If you have any further questions about the blue card system, contact our EIM Training team for assistance.

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Tony has been part of the EIM family for several years. He is a contractor to the organisation coming on board as a Electrotechnology trainer and assessor. With field experience from refrigeration and air conditioning; and recently instrumentation he has been able to relate the technical parts of the electrotechnology assessments to real life outcomes. Tony specializes in students in the workplace ensuring they are progressing and elevating their career outcomes. Tony is a fun, easy going team member, often known for being the first to jump off the back of the boat on a hot day at staff socials.

Originally from the UK, but born into an Irish family Peter brings nothing but life and stories into our classrooms. Having travelled all over the world he is an extremely relatable trainer for our International students. Peter has strong knowledge in electrical and instrumentation and has kept his skills updated over the years. Peter, whilst only working 3-days a week with EIM, gives a full weeks work each of those three days. He ensures his students don’t just pass, but walk away will skills that make them instantly job ready. You’ll often hear laughter from his room and he has the ability to add a touch of him to every unit of competency he teaches. And if he is not busy training, inventing or tinkering, it is heard that he will be fiddling around with Japanese Motorbikes with his pass time.

Tom is a spark! He is the man who has done just about everything. He is passionate about training, he is excited and has had experience in training, developing and leading in instrumentation, electrical, solar and battery. He takes each student as an individual and won’t give up until they are satisfied with the knowledge they have gained from his expertise spread over nearly every continent in the world. He loves to build, create and continue to learn. In his spare time you might see him floating on the waters in his catamaran. We are already arranging the next Christmas party to be on it.

Felicia comes to EIM as a new family member. Speaking over three languages and being a certified translator and holding a degree in interpreting and translation; having gone through the entire process A-Z starting as an international student, she brings an abundance of knowledge and patience to the role of international student recruitment and marketing expert. She is known for her exceptional relationship building, but that is second to the relationship she can have with her cats. Did anyone say ‘CAT LADY’?

Madiha is based out of our Cairns campus, and in Cairns is known as the EIM mascot. She is a dedicated trainer and gives 110% to every student that comes through the EIM doors. She has more connections with industry than any other trainer and thrives on being the best. If she can’t get you to class she comes to you. She appreciates the need for flexibility, being part of a team and making things happen. She is regularly asked to take new workplace students on because of her loyal dedication not just to the student but also the centre. Madiha is a proud mum and wife, originally from Pakistan she is an active member of the community and if you ask nicely will ensure you get to taste some of her home-made cooking, whilst sharing an exquisite mocktail.

Amy joined EIM Training in 2022, and after 8 years’ experience in the Childcare Sector she has already made an immediate impact on the students’ outcomes and experience. Placing real life skills into the classroom, making her students more job ready than anywhere else. She is a straight shooter, and comfortably handles the tough questions industry often attempt to seek from the training sector. Originally a country girl from Wagga Wagga, she moved to Queensland, clearly because the Maroons are better at footy; she is a mother of three a wife of a Lego master (well in his mind) and apparently has a plant fetish which will leave you feeling like you’ve walked into a nursery. It seems that she has a natural knack for keeping things alive, plants and student engagement, progression and succession.

Keiran came to EIM through word of mouth; we needed someone who was good with computers to help us with basic IT issues. Always ready to help, Keiran controls large aspects of the business; from ensuring IT is current, operating and pain free, to coordinating our infrastructure and managing our online portal. He also helps assist with students, administration, compliance and reception where needed.

Melissa is an original Queenslander with most her life living on the Gold Coast. Starting in Early Childhood Education straight from school, Melissa soon learned she had a passion for education. Being promoted from an educator to a supervisor to a second in charge. She then went on to complete her degree in Early Education and graduated with flying colours. She then secured her Training and Assessment qualification and came to EIM as a Trainer for the Early Childhood department, it was moments before Melissa’s passion took over and saw her graduate to Team Leader, then Training Manager for all departments and now the General Manager. Melissa brings energy, passion and planning to the table regularly exceeding both students, partners and staff expectations. Melissa has a love for her beautiful family and her latest addition Baxter, the cutest sausage dog anyone has seen.

Michelle originally from New Zealand, came to the Gold Coast, Australia with the expectation to see the world. However Gold Coast does what it does and she fell in love with it, still being here to this day. Having a background in sales and marketing, Michelle has worked in many industries but in the last 20 years of her life the education sector. Coming to EIM from being the Marketing Coordinator at Study Gold Coast, progressing from Marketing Manager at EIM to General Manager then again to CEO in 2021. Michelle has a passion for education and honouring the original goals set out by Mr Bottrall. Michelle when she is not working away on beating the day before is a mum of one beautiful 10 year old, married to Mr Nick Bottrall, and the step mum to two very successful adult children, but can usually be found on the couch snuggling her fur baby Halen.

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