The ultimate goal for you as a student is to obtain your qualification and leave with the knowledge and skills you need to take into the workplace.

Time can get ahead of all of us and before you know it your course due date is fast approaching. There is nothing worse than frantically trying to finish off all your work with a deadline near approaching.

Here are 4 tips that while studying with EIM can make your experience even easier:

  1. Book all your class dates in advance with our team.
    This allows for you to have classes set in to work towards, and avoids disappointment of full class dates close to training.
  2. Allocate a certain amount of time each week to complete your theory.
    Just once a week makes this an achievable goal and if consistently completed before you know if you will have it all done!
  3. Ask questions when needed.
    Our team is here to help and support you through your whole journey. If there is something you are stuck on let us know about your questions and we will allocate a trainer to get in touch.
  4. If possible, eliminate distractions when studying from home.
    Situating yourself in a quiet comfortable study space with electronics apart from your computer out of sight makes a huge difference to your productivity levels.