The child care industry in Australia is booming.

According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook service, the child care industry is experiencing very strong growth with around 184,000 job openings expected over the next five years.

EIM Training CEO Michelle Bottrall told myGC there’s never been a better time to study Childcare Education and Care.

“I am proud to say that at the moment 100 per cent of our students are actually in paid work, most of them while they are still studying, which is a pretty massive achievement,” she said.

Ms Bottrall said EIM Training offers a different study approach to other providers.

“When you come here, you get a much more personalised touch. We have a classroom model, where the students will learn the theory in a classroom, but we don’t just stop there,” she said.

“They actually gain the skills in our simulated classrooms so that before they go into industry, they are going to have a lot more confidence and a lot more preparation for what they need to do when they are connected with industry.

“We are a bit different in that we guarantee vocational placement. Every student has to accumulate a certain amount of hours to be able to complete their qualification. We secure that for them and it is guaranteed.”

Ms Bottrall told myGC there are also great government subsidies available to students at the moment, as well as flexible study options.

“On top of that, we also offer great pastoral care. If you are stepping out into your career for the first time, or you’re unsure about how things are going to go, our facility will provide you with that one-on-one absolute care and support that you’ll need to get through to get you that career and outcome,” she said.